Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Watching People Watching People Pop Pimples

try watching this high// omg holy shit
if that lady does not shut up
you know that shit is just disgusting!
use any kind of antibiotics in this case....don't eat chicken, burger
or any kinds of food with oil and choles..eat well (posively early) don't smoke.
You are right, Katy. Mostly Brits use the word spelt. I hate when people come on YouTube
and think they're the 'shit' and they don't know shit themself.
I love this :) Ahhhaaa i have a headache..
or Duac gel.
It's an antibiotic and acidic gel
prognathous peter piper prudently picked a poorly prepared putrid pack
of pukey poison pickled peppered puss packed pimples
ha i got i pete piper picked a pack of pikeled peppers peter piper picked
thats what the lady is saying listen carefully
i use clearisil and it works great

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa h holy shit discusting bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh bleh bleh bleh
what's the name of the song?
ant that a kick in the head
are those mentos
this is sick
fuck take3 ashot gun!!!!!!!!!!1
it would be funny if his piense would be a pimple lol he would confuse the sperm
and acne hahahahahaha goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wtf lol
what happend at the end? did he pop his face or what? ?????

its a BOIL....they have medicine for that.
I remember when I got a pimple under my armpit. Hurt like a motherfucker. Until
I grabbed and twisted the thing until it exploded. It felt so good after that.
i had the same thing THIS CRAP HURTS LIKE HELL
idk but wtf why'd he smell it?? lmao
ah ouch it looks like that really hurts. how did you get it?
how does this even fucking happened?
wtf!! GROSS DUDE!!
u shuld get that shit checked out

LOL !!
is ja wie n siamesischer zwilling O_o
omfg i fucken puked
Buy a new camera, tell Jody to get another Zit and make another movie
wtf! why am i watching this!!
get a better camera
so thats were dolly partons boob went.
Kids say hello to your new baby
haha...lol! :)

i don't think that is a pimple looks like a boil
oh, im british and i'm a little cunt
fat ass soft cocks
Oh wow, this man is a big baby, I've seen kids with bigger "owies" act more like
men, for God's sake.
it's not done. if it still hurts that much then it's still full o' stuff!
hardee-har -har!!
doo-da-doo-da, camp town lady sings this song doo-da-doo-da  haa haa whats all that do de dar gr?? Looks like what the swedish chef would say (remember Jim Henson's Muppets?)
what are you talking about?

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