Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That's what you said?

completely overwhelmed.
hospital food blows. I want chicken.
so happy the US took back the lead in medal count! 21 US, 20 China! We love you Michael Phelps!!!
"The one thing that is consistent in life is betrayal."

i wish, i wish, upon a star.

too in love with humorous turns of phrase.
looking at a masters in forensic psychology.
amazingly happy.
the greatest.
contemplating the power of memory.

up north singing in the woods : ) Gotta love being a choir dork.
a great guy. Let's get together.
almost done working.
fucking living up what he earned.

in cali and unsure of what to do with her self.
misses Ray Bay.... as a sidenote Mary Sarah is also astonished that her child is in kindergarten and thus she feels old.
updating his MICHIP website!
letting everyone whos been in contact know that i havent and wont have time to reply until i get back to ohio in the 16th...:)

a frisky dingo.

counting down the days to head up north.
in Davis and loving the Paul Taylor dance intensive!!! =) and realizing she moves in two weeks! crazy!!
playin' the numbers game to find a way to say that life has just begun.
glad Nicole is home.

soooooooo Lalala teehee!
I Love the Olympics!!!
everything happens for a reason!!

just learned that birds can explode from gas build up...
pondering love.
wondering about her life's purpose. Is it to nap?

fucking excited about the new studio!
officially a student at Eastern!!!!!!!!!!!!
back swimming ^_^.

feeling sick ! ut ohhh.
overwhelmed by how present God was at Pine HIills. Praise the Lord!

needing a change!
saying goodbye Black Moses :(.

counts down to her move: 9 days!

going to band camp!
remembering why she will never live in Monroe.

wants Chelsey to upload pictures!

painting her toes aqua.
livin' the dream.
back in Michigan and missing Tennessee!
live through this.
hanging out with Brandon today.
gone into food coma.
knows who wins.


happy Nikki's Kidney is working :)
"me, i'm a scene. I'm a dramaqueen...i'm the best damn thing your eyes have ever seen!"
going to Cedar Point - along with her whole family on the Donnelly side.

playing a show at West Park in Ann Arbor on Wednesday. There's a potluck at 4, and the show starts at 6; with the Versificators.
watchin Menace II Society - THE ORIGINAL!
tryin to do gymnastics off the couch & jumpin off of Ricky..its fun!

boxing the stars.

leaving on a jet plane...or in a car? You will find out someday :)
sitting with kelsey and jeremy.
très très malade.. =(.

(not really) wondering what he's to do with 10 pounds of leftover burgers and brats .
now the one doing the continuous smiling.

going to play the game and get it cheaper!!
fuckin WORK.
home and had best be seeing you before you leave forever. Yeah, you, that Babe that's moving to St. Louis. Or any one of you Babes moving to Seattle.

waiting patiently for the Cruise.
calming down to some early Cabaret Voltaire.
having an amazing summer! WOAHHH!!!!
still in awe.

making lattes and happiness.
soo excited for cones...the vehicle for ice cream!!!!
officially unpacked. now to start packing...

sore and has no voice but got to stare at and work with Drew B, Ellen Paige, Juliette Lewis, Jimmy Fallon and Eve all day. Plus very cute roller derby girls.
ready to rock and roll.
in Maine- it smells funny.
down and out....
going to the Willow Run Air Show. Anyone want to come? Grillin on the side of the road while drinking beer as we watch kick ass planes all day. Sat. & Sun.

so glad it's friday!
enjoying life.
workin' on dat der power drill. hm hm. Yes sir.

stressed out...
gonna scrapbook all weekend!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Boy Who Cried Communism

He gave a little cough
Is this what I sound like?
Look I'm not entirely sure what nature ever did for me but I've been told a lot of stuff
that we're supposed to do for each other and for others and pretty much the whole world
is suppose to
first base each other willingly of course into oblivion of course otherwise
the world isn't flattening
and that's the global economy you see - makeouts, and sneaking hands down each other's shirts
just so damn curious.

Dammit, McCarthy! You got us again!
And how are we supposed to believe when you are we supposed
how are we supposed to and how are we supposed...

That's truly amazing.
I was just watching the movie, and then I was first-base freedomed
rocket-shipped to somebody's lunar basement. god the stars are no closer out here.

if you're THAT bored
we can just make out
the red, white and blue
that cuts my teresticle landscape against the universe.

He winked.
Let's save my planet, baby.