Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Boy Who Cried Communism

He gave a little cough
Is this what I sound like?
Look I'm not entirely sure what nature ever did for me but I've been told a lot of stuff
that we're supposed to do for each other and for others and pretty much the whole world
is suppose to
first base each other willingly of course into oblivion of course otherwise
the world isn't flattening
and that's the global economy you see - makeouts, and sneaking hands down each other's shirts
just so damn curious.

Dammit, McCarthy! You got us again!
And how are we supposed to believe when you are we supposed
how are we supposed to and how are we supposed...

That's truly amazing.
I was just watching the movie, and then I was first-base freedomed
rocket-shipped to somebody's lunar basement. god the stars are no closer out here.

if you're THAT bored
we can just make out
the red, white and blue
that cuts my teresticle landscape against the universe.

He winked.
Let's save my planet, baby.


Leah said...

"Teresticle" hehehe

Eliz said...

Ew, "terestical."

By the way, I want my prize for reading your blog.