Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Smattering of Short Poems

Monkey on Crack

i put my 16 inch up that monkeys ass
that y he is making those faces
that was so wrong
wish it was longer
i expected to see a monkey on crack
that was so gay
it' s funny
Oh man, this classic...

Funny Hamsters

padrig harontin hamster style
i love the part where the hamster were eating and
when one hamster was giving flowers lolz
I used to have hamster but they all die and they don't last long
The second to last pic was a guinea pig, from the old blockbuster commercials...:/
Cute otherwise
that was interesting.......i guess......
shreck sucks
I miss the Blockbuster Bunny and Guinea Pig :(

Martin Luther King, Jr.: I Have a Dream

I have a dream !
respect :D
from an asian
hey...you don't know whats the real meaning of that speech!!! he wants EQUAL
treatment between black American and white American..
i was kidding what retard thinks that african americans came from kanada illegally
as immogrants that just retarded. i was makin fun of retarded racists who know shit :)
why are you al so rascist u shitheads i hate all u gay rascisct raggots im proud
ofbeing black alluwhite hatrs go back to ur fuckin gay hovels!
...wowfan199...what you saying makes no sense, you accusing white of racist
but you a homophobic...keep it real...hate is hate!
i got shivers from this speech...simply amazing

Monastery Mustard

if you have nothing nice to say, dont say it because it will hurt they're feelings
Awesome way to help serve others and for people to make a donation to a good cause.
Check your attitudes at the door and listen to what they were trying to do!
God loves all his children
Vol - God loves you too :)
I like atheist mustard just as much as relious mustard. That's cause mustard
is mustard. Same goes for people...unless some idiot starts to talk out loud about
their religion to me. Keep it to yourself please, but pass me the mustard. =)
You're right see you on the other side ---wait, I won't because you'll be burning in hell.
Sure you want to take that chance?
Before you start bashing a religion take a moment to learn about it.


nickelback always has dramatic videos
This song is so legendary!!
I want to make love to it!
The video is also so fucking awesome!!!
May absolut favorit song :D Nickelback are the greatest!
omfg, beautiful video, beautiful song, soo sad :(
Ok..The owner of WMG caa go fuck himself at night he's dumb!
WMG claimed enoguh shit, That's why WMG's YouTube profile is all
gone they only have hte friedns and subscribers and subscriptions and on videos
they used ot haave videos and no they don't thats hwy WMG is
claiming videos now!
eu amo ele
Linda a musica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
luv it
i love dis song!!!!!!!!!!

Pus Cyst on Back Popped Squeezed Exploded

Please keep us updated on how he's doing. I hope it won't come back!
OMG WTF vomit. sooo disgusting.
WTF thatsa disgusting LOL
what is a cyst exactly?
thats his fat
Kind of looked like what an union ring looks inside.
I'm never eating union rings again.
Great video! Good job draining cyst...doctor couldn't have done better
Spaghetti anyone?
nasty and fascinating!
Completely agree with u!

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