Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guess Where I was Sitting

Coffee Holy Shit Hot Not.
Twitching finger.
Duma key duma key dumdumdumduma Key.
Lite-Murmur. Diet tumor.
Hello. I got Cash Money.
Why not, Brazil? WHY THE HELL NOT.
Shuffle, pour...anticipating next noise.

The man is a gnome. The man looks like a gnome. But instead he's just a person.
Inaudible order. The gnome-man is being very quiet.
Literally suing.
Interesting observation? So many poems full of interesting observations.
Mrk Mynrd.
What a boring observation this is: basements are underground rooms.
Gnome-man has a friend who looks so wholesome.
Oh wait, they aren't friends.
Plankton. Puh-lank-ton.
Dear Diary, today I wish to have no use whatsoever.
You Anarchic Little Prick - stay on your side of the dream pool.
I guess gnome was a bitch.
I mean
I guess gnome was a bit harsh.
I just heard the most beautiful sound in the block. And it was a dog barking.
Like that one guy's poem was about who sucks and his poem sucks but it was about a dog barking along with Beethoven and I think maybe he didn't like that the dog was barking which isn't the reason why the poem sucks but is part of why he sucks
Japanese influenced clothing
Flu influenced clothing
Flu influenced flu
Another dumb observation: the past few sentences were influenced by the flu.

It's better to hide in the awning of the stupid then to boldly step forward and say that what you have done is clever
Thank you Confucius.
if Kanye West is the new Confucius, then the world is a good place.
Thank you dishwasher.
Your swishing is so beautiful.
Wait, no, that's the roaster.
Screw you dishwasher.
Click clack click clack
Arthur Miller - Timebends
Timeb Ends?
Perhaps more of a statement: TIME BENDS
Other good words (excluding Thick):
You useless piece of loving kindness.

Forgot to take allergy medication. Poem ending.

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