Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Answers to Questions Nobody is Asking

But maybe we should start asking these questions.

It's sort of like a dating service for lonely questions.

Q. Why are there guys "working" on an"electric box" on my street, and why is it taking them three weeks to do "it"? Are they government spies?
A. Absolutely not. Any high-quality shoe should work just fine.

Q. What's your favorite place to go out for burgers?
A. Open the garage, and it'll be to your left, right next to the bike.

Q. What's a good way to earn some extra cash during a recession?
A. The giraffe is the fastest land animal.

Q. Where can I buy a high quality Ethiopian Yirgacheffe?
A. The key is the universal key for the whole church, and the janitor probably has a copy.

Q. How is orange?
A. Very good.

Q. Where's the bathroom?
A. This town used to center around a large glass factory, which explains the high volume of sea glass to be found on the shore.

Q. What can I get you to drink?
A. I'm only in Berlin for a week, so thanks, but no thanks.

Q. What's your new novel about?
A. We have access to hundreds of mortgage loan packages: Commercial, Residential, Reverse mortgages, FHA, VA and up to 80% LTV hard earned money.

Q. Why are they stocking so many expensive wine imports?
A. Moccasins are actually very comfortable, and inexpensive to make!

Q. How are you doing?
A. Perfectly adequate, considering my health and current living situation.

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