Friday, May 13, 2011

A Lot of Things Are Stupid, But Only Somethings Are Gay.

Which letter is your favorite?
I got 26 options but the bitch ain't one.

I was walking up and down cross street with a goal at one end and a destination at the other. I realized that my transit mode goal was to just not get molested. Or at least be a goddam badass if I did.

Why do people call ladies mean names when they're wearing skimpy clothes? This is SO MISGUIDED. pick on the girls who are dressed ready for a fight - they're pretty much asking for it.

I'm a man and I demand a woman for that act.

So anywayzos, I was walking up and down cross street and I was thinking about farting. farting is interesting and important. when do people do it? when do they decide it's okay to do it? who do they fart around? when do they decide it's cool to fart around someone? is that decision valid for life?

i'm just not as interested in who you've been with, where you work, what you wear or what you talk about as i am in the nature of your farting.

and maybe that's just a cute quirk of mine.

I would say I judge people who "never fart." except my best friend is a "never farter." to this day I've never heard fart. and I don't think she's "the worst person ever." just, y'know, maybe a freak.

it's hard to know what write about when I'm this tired.

i bought smokes from Tom's tonight - I never see those guys anymore. Probably cuz I'm 21 so the need to buy booze under age is lessened.

this needs to be done. life is falling off of it's

almonds everywhere.

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