Monday, April 26, 2010

everythings guns

everythings guns
sticks are guns
little tiny balloons
bread pudding is guns
dropping ice from a scoop into a cup is guns
everythings guns

the world is full of guns
bang bang
life is made of guns
tiny little guns
big fat guns
many many guns
big poppa guns
lady guns
itty bitty baby guns

a banana can be guns
a shoe
a fork
a laptop
a cellphone
a favorite gun is a piece of bread
anything is guns
everythings guns

pick up an item and give it a try:
pow pow pow
ptew ptew ptew
pop pop pop
so many guns
so.... so many
guns is all around us

i use my finger as a gun sometimes
thats a classic
flowers make a good one
a huge package of provolone cheese makes a good bazooka
a broomstick is a good choice too

there are some guns that are real guns
they are also guns
every living breathing thing is a guns

guns is what makes us breathe
guns is what makes us not breathe
here's a list of things which cannot be guns:
everythings guns


genevieve said...

this is great!

awitchtrying said...

I love this poem. I thought it was awesome till I heard you read it. Now it is totally amazingly awesome! You rock!