Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Apologize

I A Pile of Eyes

I'm sorry. I'm in a state of trying to discover myself through different blog layouts.

Have I been unhappy because I've been using templates? Or have I been using templates because I'm unhappy?

I like to call this version "poop chic." It took me at least 5 minutes to find acceptable shades of brown to lay against each other. At least I feel original and less inclined toward self-deprecation now.

In order for this not to be a dreadfully narcissistic post (The whole world holds their breath as Theresa switches from color scheme to color scheme. Bracing themselves against their seats as she changes the font color from black to egg-white. "No! Not that one! Gone are the good days! Welcome, Chaos, you foul master!"), I will post a series of links to pictures that I think are pretty:

Remember: No reason to think our alphabet is the only one around. Lots of other languages have equally important and interesting alphabets.

In a similar vein, I thought this was an excessively interesting suggestion.

Have you ever met this woman? If I ever met her, I would tell her a happy thing. She looks so sad. I found her by Google Image Searching "Smacky the Insufferable." That is not a good example of a happy thing.

This is a picture of Pablo Neruda with a statue of a breasty lady behind him. Sorry to spoil the surprise!

This picture presents a lot of interesting points for discussion. What I find of particular interest is that the man's address implies that his name is "Adam Lester." Oh, if only his middle name was "Oliver." See if you can put that all together.

Sometimes, I do require a professional clown.

This is a link a to the color blue.

Google searching the color purple is a huge pain in the ass because of THAT DAMN BOOK! Sorry, I'm really emotionally caught up in this. This is the best example of it that I can get for now.


I'm gonna go do that picture now. I miss you. I miss you all.