Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am a sort of cloudy day sadist
unmoved by the shining sun

I nod my violent approval to the frigid breeze
that renders impotent none but the cloudless sky

The quivering alleys fill their potholes with rain
for my triumphant yellow boots to disembowel
I slosh through Cross Street
and cast a perverted gaze to the gray
I ignore the sagging blue pectorals of sky!

How I beg the clouds to drape their curtainous bodies
over the sun and darken
the golden veneer that crops on the brick
Let this puddle be the sky

and my yellow rain boots be the sun
I am the screaming demon of this day
and will beat the joy out of its bleak hips

the Earth will sigh today
Gloomy Thursday shines for no one.

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