Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ugly Mug Breakfast Poem - Tuesday Morning

The world was all a bluster and
the wind was painted with smiles
Frankie called it an Eeyore morning

But we were happy!
A happy Eeyore morning!

And I was happy amidst
the swirling yellow pillars

the umbrellas lifting their skirts
to the wet aesthetic Ypsi was wearing

Eeyore held us under his dark donkey paw
We liked it and grinned on the way to class
'til the wind whisked our smiles away

Note: On a far more important note...
After a year of working at The Common Cup, I've finally seen the Men's Bathroom. This whole time there has been a green pillar, and I had no idea! We don't get a green pillar!


A. R. H. said...

::Pretentious clearing of throat::
A haiku:

Spontaneous poems
from clever friend Theresa
it must be autumn

Eliz said...

Dear Tweesee,

Please tell me more about these "swirling yellow pillars."
I don't know that I understand that imagery.

I do like the bit about the umbrella skirts!

Sincerest poetic admiration,
Lizzy Dieter

P.S. The weather is still delightful.