Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finally, a movie that accurately represents an entire species.

I had an idea for a short story yesterday, but as I worked it out in my head, I realized it wouldn't be anything more than a romantic comedy. Heavens! We don't need more of those! So I decided to do what everyone in Hollywood does when they are entirely out of good ideas: Make it about Penguins!
Here's the voice-over from the trailer:

She's a girl, who's making her way in the Big City.
He's a down-home boy from the South Pole.
Her writing career has finally taken off.
He's finally met her.
The only problem is...

"See, I can't write unless my heart is broken."
"So that's why you're always waddling around dejectedly!"
"It's not emotional - it's just my work."
"Damn girl! You need to find a line between work and play!" (Hearty laughter)

She's addicted to having her heart broken.
He's addicted to her.

"I've never seen flippers move that way before."

Will this salt water lover risk her job for the one guy who could make her happy for the rest of her life?

"I mean, he's no Emperor Penguin." (Hearty Laughter) "But there's something in his plumage."

Or will she trick him into breaking her heart for the sake of a story...just like all the other guys?

The critics are saying
"Finally, a movie about real penguins."
"A hilarious, toboggoning romp!"

The only mature comedy with full-frontal penguin nudity, and all the laughs that will get you Puffin!
This summer, see the movie that dares to ask the ultimate question - What Will a Penguin Do For Love?

This summer, don't miss out on the writer's block:

The Pen is Mightier Than the Guin

Sooooo...what do you guys think? Besides, of course how retarded the critics who previewed the movie are. A tobogonning romp? What were they thinking?

But I think it's a winner, and I'm pitching it to Aaron Harburg in the morning.


saracita said...

Oh, definitely. Even romantic comedies become tolerable when penguins get added to the mix.

Full frontal nudity, though? How naked is a naked penguin? Unclothed? Or unfeathered...???

So yeah, a few things to work out, but overall great idea.

You make me laugh. You now have an honored place on my "Google Reader" page, just so I can laugh more.

The Smack Daddy said...

Unclothed, of course. Unfeathered?! Sara, what are you thinking? Do you find people more "naked" when their skin gets taken off? That's just sick!

I mean, maybe you do. Like "that's your thing" and "I can't judge" because "I'm not you" and "That's not crazy" and "I have to poop" so "I'm done writing this note now."

I'm glad you laughed! I really am going to go poop now.