Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Use Your God-given Imagidamnation

I think I'm going to take a brain dump on you. Here goes!

Dear Theresa,

Maybe if you did your homework, your life would stop being so STUPID!

Love, Me.

Dear Me,

In the long run, will I look back and say: "Oh good. I'm so glad I got that paper done in time!" ?

Love, Theresa

Dear Theresa,


Love, Me

P.S. Cool punctuation overload at the end of your letter.

Dear Me,

I see your point.

But screw you, anyway.

Love, Theresa

P.S. Thanks! I was hoping you'd like that.

I think the above explains my situation better than I ever could, and besides IT'S SO DULL, so I don't want to extrapolate anymore. Instead, I will make a top ten list.

Top Ten Things (Which Remind Me of Better Days)

10. Large, awkward, stuffed bears.
9. Candle light on top of a cliff, looking down into your soul.
8. Pie!!
7. Agoraphobia.
6. Rainy nights, tangy bites.
5. Twice the burger, for half the price!
4. Piranhas...just piranhas.
3. Pirates - making their way in a world that's turned against them.
2. Owning five pairs of the same socks (chuckle chuckle).
1. The fact that you read this list. Haha! You're crazier than I am!

Now I'm cackling to myself.

Top Ten Good Things That Have Happened So Far Today (Though I've Only Been Awake Two Hours!)

10. Woke up alive.
9. Woke up in a warm bed. Snice.
8. Free latte.
7. One and a HALF bagels.
6. England will happen. Probably.
5. I wrote two more paragraphs for my paper.
4. Realizing how well I can count backwards.
3. I cackled.
2. Woke up in America - wear bald eagles are bald, and we like it.
1. Writing this blog entry.
0. Wait! What's going on??!!
-1. This is alarming.
-2. This wasn't supposed to happen. I was supposed to end at 1.
-3. The day has taken an alarming turn in a bad direction.
-4. Seconds of my life being torn from me!
-5. Paper!
-6. Bagel is gone!
-7. Out of coffee!
-8. It's raining!
-9. I count backwards too much!!
-10. America!

That is all. Back to my paper, which is titled: Shakespeare and Why He Sucks (Oh, If You Only Knew).

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